In my previous post I extracted a quote from Proverbs …’without a vision, the people perish’. How you ‘see’ yourself will inevitably lead you to what you are seeing.

Think for a moment…and be courageously honest…

How do you see yourself?

What do you believe about yourself?

What did others see and believe about you? 

Did you discover that you are living the highest version of yourself or something else? If you arrived at ‘something else’ then, you have distortions. Distortions are not who you are. Distortions will not lead you to where your soul is wanting to take you. What the Universe is desiring to manifest for you, through your vision, is a lot more interesting than what you try manifesting through all the distortions. 

Learning to clear away the distortions to true seeing is vital to creating a vision that is encoded in you.  Your true vision is just waiting to be seen and promises to navigate you to a life worth living. Take a new look at you.

Who are you?

Why are you?

What do you want?  

And how the heck do I create it?

Learn to see what is right for you and develop a simple plan to keep your vision clear and your life on course.