We each have a unique energy field that can be seen and measured.  

A distortion is an alteration from that original state.  Our original energy field state is wholeness but when our wholeness has been altered, distortions appear in our energy field. A distortion can manifest as a repeating pattern of behavior that is preventing a person from living a life of meaning, love and purpose.  

This can be unconscious, as well as conscious.

It can even be ancestral in nature, carrying repeated patterns of suffering, martyrdom, poverty, etc…  Distortions can occur as experiences of abuse, trauma or being with unconscious care providers. Distortions can become beliefs and those beliefs can become patterns.

Good News!  Distortions can be cleared but it requires the willingness to release the attachment to the distortion and clearing the belief that has allowed the distortion in your life.

Through Spiritual Counsel and Higher Guidance clearing distortions becomes easier and always brings those “AHA” illuminating moments. 

Try the 30-day Distortion Clearing program. For 30 days you will receive remote clearing sessions and Right Alignment prayer. A minimum of one counseling session is required to participate. Contact me to get started.