Spiritual Consulting & Ceremony Officiant

Vision Casting

A journey of Three Sessions

Offered at $333

Perhaps, you’ve experienced a big life change, or life isn’t changing at all. Vision casting is designed to connect you to your own exciting path and designed to fulfill the unique life you were meant to live.

Sessions are booked a week apart.

1st session (60 minutes) – Discovering your own unique path

2nd session (60 minutes) – Resolving & clearing distortions

3rd session (60 minutes) – The practical side of walking your own path in alignment to your vision

Spiritual Counseling

Have you ever felt lost, confused or stuck in a pattern that is no longer working for you? Are you bumping up against Life with no peace or satisfaction? Acquainting yourself with your own Higher Guidance will reveal the spiritual connection to your physical world and offer specific answers your mind could never imagine.


Prayer is my fundamental operating system. Conscious connection to the Source of All That Is and utilizing my Higher Guidance is a way to living a life that is awakened and conscious – resulting in more joy, more love and deep peace. When in prayer to support you, I also connect to your Higher Self and to your guidance to receive the messages necessary to bring about the outcome that you truly desire. For those seeking prayer services, it is most beneficial to begin with at least one coaching service.

Transition Support

As you or a loved one are in awareness that your earth time is drawing to its conclusion, I offer the support that is needed to surrender to the natural process of transitioning from this life experience into the next one. Assistance with conversations that may need to occur, forgiveness for self and others will allow for conscious conclusion.

Daily Morning prayer / Meditation

Inclusion in the 30-day morning distortion clearing and right alignment sessions is a one-month commitment. Participants are remotely treated daily for 30 days.

Click here to learn more about distortion clearing.

Expect magic to happen as you are immersed in the Light of Love. Your guides, angels, and celestial helpers will be there to assist. Participants are welcome to remotely join in and energetically send density and distortions to me to be dissolved in the Light of Love.

All retainer service sessions are at 5AM Pacific time.

Baby Blessing

Welcoming a baby into your life is an exciting event. Blessing brings a conscious reminder, through ceremony, of the unique nature of this new life and the sacred responsibility parents carry. God-parents can also be named and instructed on the responsibilities of witnessing this new life. Baby blessings may include ‘sprinkling’ with holy water encoded with Love, Light and Courage.

Home & Property Blessings

Homes and property may require clearing of old denseness and stuck energies of previous owners or those who may have occupied the land long ago.

Real estate agents often offer this service as a gift to their clients.

Wedding Officiant

Gratefully offering unique and personalized ceremony to celebrate your special day. Pre-wedding consultation may include counseling as well as service planning. Every ceremony is designed specifically for you and your love.

Kind Words

Recently, I yet once again bumped into a ‘familiar’ pattern of behavior and entanglement. I had a session with Morganne that was easy, spot-on, and really guided me to a clarity around this issue I’ve never experienced. Following the entanglement back to the origin, healing could occur on a spiritual and energetic level which changed the entire matter in the here and now. I highly recommend Morganne if you’re feeling stuck, lost, or weary of the same ole.

KW, therapist