I Am Sourced & Morganne Rayne

Morganne Rayne

An Intuitive Creative Mystic, Higher Guidance Life Coach, Spiritual Guide, Counselor, Poet, Ordained Minister and Ceremonialist, Morganne was born with gifts of Knowing that led her into esoteric studies and practices.

A deep desire to help others remember who they are and, how to create a life of goodness and purpose, has fueled her passion to share her Gifts of Blessing and Healing. Trained through Science of Mind in the Art of Healing Prayer, Morganne served for 15 years in Science of Mind organizations as a Practitioner – teaching Spiritual Practices and guest speaking in New Thought churches and other organizations.

Ordained in 1996, Morganne embarked on a Ministry of Blessing through Ceremony. Marriages, Renewals, Conscious Unwindings; as well as Funerals, Memorials and Home Blessings are all memorable events to which she brings her sacred gifts to Celebrate LIFE.

Certified as a Creative Mystic and Higher Guidance Life Coach, adds yet another dimension to Morganne’s Life Mission to help humanity awaken to who they are & to teach them how to create lives that are rich and filled with purpose.

Residing in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Morganne enjoys daily communion with nature and precious time with her growing family.